TREVINO Groove Podcast 15


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When being asked about his long lasting career as a DJ and producer in an interview for the current Groove edition, Markus Kaye described the past two years as his „most productive ever“. The game changing events for Kaye, who has been an important player in the british drum’n’bass scene for almost two decades as Marcus Intalex, had been the discovery of Ableton as a production tool and his subsequent forays into house and techno territory under his new alias Trevino. To cut a long story short, Kayes arrival on non-d’n’b dancefloors has been a smashing success so far and we are very excited about his contribution to our podcast series.


How did you choose the tracks for this mix? Did you have a particular concept in mind?

I just wanted it to be a little bit more uptempo than The mix I did for Fact Magazine recently which was predominantly more houseier. I enjoy house and techno equally so just wanted to represent that. I also finished on a classic hardcore track from the early nineties to represent where I come from. The rest I just chucked together as I went along. Some old some new and some recent favourites of mine.

How and where did you record the mix?

At home at some godforesaken hour in the studio. I have been trying out a Traktor S4 which I enjoy using at home. So that has now become my default studio mix machine. I do buy bits of vinyl but I instantly rip them so I can use thm with Serato in the clubs.

With six releases as Trevino (and a few more as Marcus Intalex) in the past twelve months, 2012 has been a particularly strong year for you. What are your wishes for 2013?

Well I’m sitting on about 20 or 30 tunes and am currently in talks about an album project. The next few months I plan to hit the studio hard.



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